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The Recent Pandemic Fired Us Into action

We lost access to Primary Care, Urgent Care, Labs, Pharmacy and more. Effective healthcare, when we really needed it, was denied us! We tried to fix this, but a number of things have sadly transpired against us to achieve our goals and ambitions.

For now!!

So after careful consideration, with immediate effect, we are temporarily pausing our services. To be the first to know when we fire up again, just add your details below.

We've much to address and we are regrouping to figure out how to address it!

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We will be back! To stay in tune and express your interest for when we are, please fill in your details below and you will be the first to know when we are back in action!

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FreedomMed was created to provide access to practitioners who believe in putting the patient's interests before their own. Who believe in administering the right, scientifically proven treatments over profit driven treatments and believe in providing what is 'right' for you and your family - without the influence and coercion of Big Pharma, Governments and the Centers for Disease Control. FreedomMed gives you back control of your healthcare and is there for YOU irrespetive of what external influences, procedures and policies are trying to be dictated to you.

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