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Why The Recent Pandemic Should Really Concern You

We lost access to Primary Care, Urgent Care, Labs, Pharmacy and more. Effective healthcare, when we really needed it, was denied us! We do NOT want America to ever be in this position again.

Welcome to FreedomMed - a nationwide group of private doctors, nurses and specialists who have formed a 'movement', outside of 'coerced' 'instititutional' practices, to give you & your family access to the healthcare you truly deserve. Whenever you need it!


Take Control Of Your Health

Your FreedomMed Options

A totally new Primary Care Model (actually it's way more than primary care).

Each subscription brings with it your very own private care team, dedicated to helping you with not only sickness treatment but also, preventative wellness, scientifically backed advice and medication prescribing - using our own medical and natural pharmacies to ensure you can actually get what you need. Plus, you'll have concierge guidance to the 'right' specialists and emergency care should you need them - all of this, and more, from the safety and comfort of your own home!

With our three FreedomMed subscription options you can be completely assured YOU are the focus, not profits!

    • "My care coordinater was amazing, he went through everything and said he was always available if I needed anything! I've not experienced anything like it in my health plans. Love this!!

    • "A big thank you to nurse Julie who took the time and had the patience to go through my welcome kit. I'm now monitoring my blood pressure like a pro and have the peace of mind my own medical team is just a call away should I need them.

    • "So pleased to have found you. The drug I wanted just wasn't availaible via my insurance doctor who couldn't prescribe it from my local pharmacy. One call with your doctor and once she had established it was the right med to take, it was on it's way to me from your pharmacy. No going back to the old ways for me!

    • "Well this is a game changer, to quote you, morally ethical healthcare! It was so obvious Dr. Marsh truly cared about me. Compared to my last doctor visits, this is another world. I'm telling everybody!

    • "The big big thing for me is actually being able to get access to a dr and not have to wait weeks. AND not just any random dr each time I call, like my insurance telehealth, but MY dr.

    FreedomMed Single Member

    Single Adult Subscription

    All of the FreedomMed services for a single member at just $99.00 per month. Enjoy primary care as it should be, with a doctor and team dedicated to you!

    FreedomMed Two Members

    Two Adult Subscription

    FreedomMed for two - just $175.00 per month. Covers you and someone you care about to have total peace of mind from whatever the world decides to throw at you both.

    FreedomMed Family

    Family Subscription

    $250.00 per month provides your whole family with all of the FreedomMed services. Peace of mind for everyone and no need to worry about a deductible for pink eye! Enjoy a better family healthcare model.

    What Happens After I Join?

    1 Your Welcome Email

    We send you a welcome email straight away. It tells you everything you need to know about the program, what happens next and how to access your member portal.

    2 Sign Your Agreements

    As we are not insurance, you will be creating a direct contract with your FreedomMed Practitioner. It's super simple and nothing to worry about! Your document will be available for you to sign from the Action List ToDos in your personal member area.

    3 Receive Your Welcome Kit

    Once you are all signed up, your welcome kit is shipped to you. This contains all of the key monitoring tools you need to enable us to keep a check on your current health state, address urgent care issues and make recommendations on future health risk management.

    4 Activate Your Personal Health Record

    Our Practitioners use state of the art electonic medical records, which you will use to schedule calls with your Practitioner, and more.

    Once your welcome kit has shipped, we set you all up on the elctronic medical records (emr) and send you a link so you can activate and use your own personal health record portal!

    5 Complete Your Wellness Assessment

    Your FreedomMed questionnaire helps us identify any conditions or concerns you have, to enable our Practitioners to advise and treat you apropriately. Your Practitioner team will also now be assigned to you.

    This is NOT telemedicine, your Practitioner will be with you every step of the way. You will get to know them as they will get to know you. They are dedicated to supporting you and your family's health and wellbeing with the utmost care and attention.

    6 You're Being Truly Loved

    Congratulations you can now rest, assured that you have you and your family's health and wellness properly covered.

    You've taken control of your health and become a FreedomMed member - it's a fantastic feeling! We're excited for you!!

    Remove Worry, Be Excited - Take Control Of Your Health Today Take Control Of Your Health

    Still not sure?

    Healthcare decisions can be overwhelming, we know, it's one of the reasons why we created FreedomMed.

    Click Here to refresh yourself what's included

    But if you want to experience a little FreedomMed magic,
    one of our care team will be really happy to walk you through it all and your available choices.

    Call us at: 402-630-7107

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    8:00am - 5pm CST Mon-Fri


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    Our Mission

    FreedomMed was created to provide access to practitioners who believe in putting the patient's interests before their own. Who believe in administering the right, scientifically proven treatments over profit driven treatments and believe in providing what is 'right' for you and your family - without the influence and coercion of Big Pharma, Governments and the Centers for Disease Control. FreedomMed gives you back control of your healthcare and is there for YOU irrespetive of what external influences, procedures and policies are trying to be dictated to you.

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