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Why FreedomMed Exists

There are times in life when you realize enough is enough!

When our friends and family are struggling to have basic healthcare needs covered, when our friends and family are unable to get treatment because their doctors are booked out for weeks, when our friends and family cannot get the medications they know can help them, when our friends and family are confused as to why things are, the way they are.

It is then you recognize enough is enough - change is needed.

To quote Reinhold Niebhur:

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference"

We believed we 'knew the difference' as we watched America suffer over the recent global events. We could, however, no longer just watch. We gathered our courage and set forth on a journey to which we hoped to find some semblance of hope.

As our journey of exploration began, we found we were not alone in our discontent, not alone in our fear for the welfare of our fellow Americans and friends, who live and work in our wonderful country. As we talked and extoled we amassed new friends, supporters of the intent and partners who could help us forge a difference. We met, befriended and encouraged doctors and nurses from across the country, disgruntled by not being able to fulfil their hippocratic oaths, beliefs and desires to deliver the level of care they knew would transform their patients lives.

What started as a journey of exploration to discover what might be, became a movement, a movement of something that WILL be, a movement of change - enough is truly enough!

FreedomMed was ultimately born on March 1st 2022 - a healthcare model designed to provide doctors and nurses with a vehicle to deliver best of breed healthcare, with the shackles and binds of overarching politics and corporate gain removed. A model which delivers to the people of America healthcare as it should be delivered - deep doctor patient relationships and the freedom to provide the 'right' protocols and interventions, scientifcally proven to impact us ( vs the $ ) positively.

In the few short weeks from our inception, we have grown to be able to cover every state in America.

We have created our own pharmacies, designed and manufactured our own products and built an operational infrastructure which exceeds through passion, as much as innovation.

We have become a self-contained, private, American healthcare solution, which actually does put you at the center of it's world.

We have welcomed some of the greatest doctors in America onto our team, doctors who will pave the way to not only better care, but in the restoration of faith in an American healthcare system.

We are proud of where we have come in such a short time, we are excited as to where we are going, the exploration is by no means over. We will not stop until we can provide you with everything you need to survive a world where sick care and life extension is becoming more and more questionable in everyday practices.

This website section is titled ABOUT US - the most important thing everyone should recognize is - this section and indeed FreedomMed itself, is actually all ABOUT YOU!

God bless America, we serve our country, we serve you. YOU are America.

The FreedomMed Team

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FreedomMed was created to provide access to practitioners who believe in putting the patient's interests before their own. Who believe in administering the right, scientifically proven treatments over profit driven treatments and believe in providing what is 'right' for you and your family - without the influence and coercion of Big Pharma, Governments and the Centers for Disease Control. FreedomMed gives you back control of your healthcare and is there for YOU irrespetive of what external influences, procedures and policies are trying to be dictated to you.

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