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FreedomMedical Association (FMA) is an organization of medical professionals united to protect the American public's constitutional medical rights.

FMA doctors and nurses believe that freedom of choice in healthcare and clinical independence are critical to protect individual rights and deliver quality healthcare. Every person deserves their doctor’s best advice with as little government encroachment as possible.

Physicians should be able to practice medicine as they always have, using FDA-approved medications and treatments. There should be no government controlled top-down approach to medicine; it must maintain a patient-centric bottom-up decision-making approach based on individual patient needs.

FMA doctors and nurses are available outside the insurance system because the insurance system is allowing the government to block individuals from obtaining what they need for their good health.

Our doctors and nurses are the foundation of the exemplary care and services offered by FreedomMed.

If this resonates with how you wish to develop your clinical career and be a part of a movement to create a better healthcare model in America, then join us today!

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FreedomMed was created to provide access to practitioners who believe in putting the patient's interests before their own. Who believe in administering the right, scientifically proven treatments over profit driven treatments and believe in providing what is 'right' for you and your family - without the influence and coercion of Big Pharma, Governments and the Centers for Disease Control. FreedomMed gives you back control of your healthcare and is there for YOU irrespetive of what external influences, procedures and policies are trying to be dictated to you.

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