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FreedomMed Launches – New Virtual Care Company Vows to Break the Corrupting Influence of Big Pharma and Restore Faith in the Doctor-Patient Relationship

MARCH 3, 2022


FreedomMed Launches – New Virtual Care Company Vows to Break the Corrupting Influence of Big Pharma and Restore Faith in the Doctor-Patient Relationship

“Americans deserve a healthcare system that puts the health and welfare of patients above the profits and desires of pharmaceutical companies. Americans deserve a healthcare system where they can trust that their doctors are the best at what they do and that those doctors top priority is protecting the health of those they treat.<>

“It doesn’t sound revolutionary – indeed it sounds so simple – but the truth is that delivering that kind of healthcare would revolutionize our entire healthcare system. That’s why we started FreedomMed,” – Kevin Jenkins, CEO of FreedomMed

(Washington, DC) – This week, FreedomMed ( launched. FreedomMed will bring bring world-class health care to Americans all across the country vowing to break the corrupting influence of big pharma and to restore faith in the doctor-patient relationship.

FreedomMed has selected Kevin D. Jenkins to be the company’s first CEO. “It is an honor to be tapped to lead this company, and indeed to lead a movement, committed to replacing our current broken health care system with a system that is committed to the simple idea that a doctor’s top priority should be a patient’s health – not big pharma’s bottom line,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins is a public speaker and transformational executive with an impressive track record leading the charge at Urban Global Health Alliance as CEO/Founder and at Freedom Travel Alliance as CMO/Founder.

Jenkins is lifelong champion for human rights in the black community and as the founder of Urban Global Health Alliance, he shows his dedication to these rights. The mission of UGHA is to educate, empower and release urban communities and their leaders from decades of indoctrination and suppression; and to create effective public policy which safeguard rights of equality.

“We have learned a lot of lessons over the last two years – about the politicization of science, about the threat of unchecked governmental control, about just how easily so many are willing to give up their God-given rights – but maybe no lesson is more important than the one we learned about our medical system and the power big pharma has over it,” continued Jenkins.

FreedomMed was born out of the experience of health care in the pandemic. Health care that was often compromised by the corrupting influence of big pharma and the broken health bureaucracy in the U.S.

Doctors like Vladimir Zelenko were on the front lines fighting COVID from the very earliest days of the pandemic. Unwilling to simply sit by and watch their patients become critically ill or die, doctors like Dr. Zelenko advocated for early treatment – treatment that saved the lives of countless Americans.

The efforts of those courageous doctors were ridiculed by the media, marginalized by the medical establishment, silenced by big tech and persecuted by state and local governments.

“Those courageous doctors never gave up, never gave in, because they believe that every American should have access to world class doctors committed to the best care – especially when it comes to combatting a pandemic,” continued Jenkins. “That spirit, that commitment to protecting life, is what inspired FreedomMed.”

With world-class doctors connected to patients through a state of the art virtual care service – no one will have their zip code dictate whether or not they have access to life-saving and life-extending treatments.

FreedomMed will put an emphasis on wellness care – a commitment to keeping individuals healthy, rather than waiting on them to get sick. When they are sick, FreedomMed will employ doctors who will look at a range of treatment options – including natural remedies – to help patients get well.

“At the end of the day, our members will know that their doctors are putting their health and wellness above the interests of big pharma. FreedomMed is striking the first blow for medical freedom in this country, JOIN US!” concluded Jenkins.

Your doctor. Your medicines. Your healthcare.

You should be in charge and with FreedomMed you are.

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FreedomMed was created to provide access to practitioners who believe in putting the patient's interests before their own. Who believe in administering the right, scientifically proven treatments over profit driven treatments and believe in providing what is 'right' for you and your family - without the influence and coercion of Big Pharma, Governments and the Centers for Disease Control. FreedomMed gives you back control of your healthcare and is there for YOU irrespetive of what external influences, procedures and policies are trying to be dictated to you.

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